Enlistment - Rec. Yolando

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Hello Recruit Yolando @brigwen,

You have selected “Any” as your preferred time for the Basic Combat Training. We have the following alternatives coming:

  • PST training: starts on January 28th at 9PM EST time. I think that is 9 AM in Indonesia. I used this converter to check.
  • GMT training: starts on January 28th at 2PM EST time. That should be around 2 AM in Indonesia.

There is one EST that starts today at 7PM EST, which is 7AM in Indonesia. If you manage to reply on time now, I might be able to put in this one.

Let me know which one you prefer or if you have any other questions

PFC Osaka
Enlistment Clerk

Rec. Yolando @brigwen, for this weekend we have only the GMT and the PST trainings. Let me know which one would work better for you

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