Enlistment - Rec. Younger [previously: Evgey]

Read the enlistment details at:


Thank you for your interest in the 29th Infantry Division

Just a couple things before I process your application.

Could you confirm your age?

And please choose a different last name. I believe Evgey is not a realistic last name to go by unless this is your actual last name.

hey im 15, is younger good?

Alright, your age is confirmed.

We will use the last name Younger. Your enlistment will be updated. Due to the duplicate last name, your first initial of your first name will be used to denote the two of you apart. If you would prefer to use a different name instead of having the first initial, you are free to choose another name that is not taken.

As for your previous realism experience, your enlistment will remain pending for HQ approval.

Thank you,

Before HQ looks over your enlistment, please leave any inappropriate Steam groups that you are a part of.

Approved for BCT.

Before I process this enlistment, please leave the Steam group named “Israel-”

Withdrawn - Rct inactive