Five Years and Six Months of Service (Furkan Akbulut)

Cpl. Winter said:

Today Sgt. Akbulut is receiving his 11th AOCC, marking five and a half years within the unit. Having terrorised every crewman for most of that time with his devastating CE skills, he decided to pass on his knowledge and help train those who joined after him. After taking over leadership of EP4S1 over a year and a half ago, Cpl. Akbulut was doing everything solo, until I had the honour of passing SLT and being assigned as his ASL. The fantastic culture we have within EP4S1 is, in no small part, thanks to his leadership. He has taught us much, and it has been a joy and a privilege to work beside him and I look forward to seeing where things go. So here is to 5.5 years, Corporal, and may you have many more!

Too many more, Sgt! :saluting_face:

10/10 plz never fire a rocket at me again

Congrats Sgt! Keep driving us to victory!

Congrats Sgt. Best leader ever!