Five Years and Six Months of Service (Mickey O'Meara)

Cpl. Wallison said:

Five and a half years of service in the 29th, not something that many members can come even close to saying. I’ve known him less than 2 of those years but I’ve seen a fair share of power house moves that make PFC O’Meara a cut above the rest. Since the beginning of the year alone, O’Meara has been holding his own with his light machine guns and much more. You come to the defense of others and hold your angel patiently until it’s time to strike. In terms of the role in the squad, you’ve been here so long that you are an integral part of the culture. Now, you have the next medal to show others you stand the test of time. As well as set up to have a quadruple rainbow with just a bit more time. Though I’m confident that the time will fly with all the fun you and the squad have together. Congratulations on your 11th AOCC PFC O’Meara