Five Years of Service (Oskar G. Apperley)

Sgt. Dimitrov said:

PFC Apperley is a name you love to hear, whether it would be his jokes, his nerdy math exercises or his presence, you never really turn your back on him. This fine gentleman is THE core member of EP1S3 as he’s been here since nearly his first days in the unit. I have to agree that throughout this time he has seen many changes in his own leadership, a whole new project of the squad and overall has been through it all. It would be a shame to say that I am not happy to still have PFC Apperley in 1S3. With all that being said, this lad has spent half a decade in the unit and EP1S3 of course, granting him his 10th AoCC! What an achievement PFC Apperley, congratulations and we all hope to see you for many more to come!

turning into a fossil

Ancient man, man

good stuff