Five Years of Service (Patrick H. Tilley)

Cpl. Sablon said:

When it comes to being an NCO, Sgt. Tilley is one of a kind. He has just the right blend of sternness and compassion that makes him an effective Squad Leader. His gung-ho attitude allows him lead men into battle in ways that you just don’t see that often, even if it does get him killed sometimes. His experience in RS2 helps him to effectively manage the AITs in our squad, allowing him to make a near-perfect call out that all but guarantees a kill from one of our squad mates. But above all else, Sgt. Tilley is a great friend to everyone who knows him. All of these skills have helped him to thrive in the 29th for a whopping 5 years! Congratulations Sgt. Tilley on receiving your 10th AOCC, I look forward to the next one!

Glad to have you here Sgt. Tilley, DP2 wouldn’t be the same without you!


Congrats Sgt.!

What a legend

The best there ever was. had I not fallen into his squad I might not be in the 29th all this time. Great leader, strategist and friend! Love you Sarge!

Congratulations Sgt. Tilley!