Five Years of Service (Robert H. Sanzotera)

Sgt. Zylath said:

Five years ago, I was fumbling my way through bad relationships and questionable life choices. Most important on my mind was whether the chicken at the cafeteria was going to make me sick again. However, around the same time, a great man was making a great decision. That man was PFC Sanzotera, and that decision was to join the 29th. Very few people can lay claim to half a decade with the unit. Far fewer can stand as tall as Sanzo does with his history here. In my nearly 2.5 years with the 29th, Sanzo has been there with me in my squad for every moment. He saw me grow from a young and inspired Pvt. Zilath to a gallant, glamorous, humble… Sergeant Zylath. And, in that same time, I’ve seen Sanzo grow too. DP3S1 was founded not long before I joined it, and in all the time since, Sanz has been a guiding voice for the squad. Find me the man who says Sanzo has never inspired him and I will find you a liar or an ineffectual leader. His wealth of knowledge, personality, and ever-present optimism have been a crucial underpinning for DP3S1 since its foundation, and I hope for the rest of its history. Congratulations Sanzo, hope I didn’t strain your eyes too much reading this.

Congratulations PFC! You’re a legend among our company and beyond!