Five Years of Service (Thanos T. Tsimarakis)

PFC Jergulson said:

PFC Tsimarakis is definitely the wittiest soldier in platoon. Of course, unbridled wit, like any late night beach party on Ibiza, can end in many ways. Luckily for us, Tsimarakis has 5 years experience chaperoning his jokes safely home to whatever immediate superiors happen to be around at the time. I have had the pleasure of serving with Tsimarakis for several months now. I have learned to greatly appreciate his sense of humour (most times) and his ingame skills. Be it with the CE kit on drills, or with superb microing in other games. Congratulations on your 10th AOCC PFC, may there be many more!

Congratulations PFC Tsimarakis!

Congratulations on those 5 years of fun there. You are an unforgettable individual!