Four Years and Six Months of Service (Christian M. Noonan)

Cpl. Winston said:

Few members of the 29th can boast as much of a passion for the unit as PFC Noonan. From his knowledge of the unit and his continuous advice, PFC Noonan proves to be an excellent source for not just his fellow squad members, but also leadership. For instance, After coming off his ELOA, PFC Noonan easily re-integrated back into the squad and stood out for his communication and willingness to lead when necessary. Furthermore, he even offered advice on the drill itself and how it can be improved. To conclude, PFC Noonan’s wealth of experience from his many years with the 29th is a benefit to everyone, so congrats PFC Noonan on your four years and six months!


Congratulations Noonan!

I always remember your warm welcome when I was a Private, glad to see you’re still with us. Congrats PFC Noonan!

Congratulations PFC Noonan!