Four Years and Six Months of Service (James R. McMeen)

Cpl. Mud said:

DP3S4 and Harambe’s own, PFC Jim “Slop” McMeen is back again celebrating his continued love for the 29th and RS2. As the MG for our squad, Jimbo is regularly put into positions that are further away than the rest of the squad to provide suppressing fire, covering fire, or direct fire on spotted targets. It may seem that being so far away would lessen his connection to the squad, but every single member knows what he does for us and puts their trust in the 200 rounds he is able to spit out at the enemy. His jokey attitude outside of combat is a stark contrast to his ability to maintain composure during the heat of battle. His ability to survive through death defying odds, and even rise above it never fails to amaze. Time and time again he gives the squad a piggyback ride to victory and we love him for it. With one hand on his zipper and the other on the trigger, he is always ready for action. Congratulations on your 9th AOCC Jim! I look forward to all of the great plays and good times together! Never forget!