Four Years and Six Months of Service (Tim N. Steinbarth)

2Lt. Wright said:

Sgt. Steinbarth is the best east German I’ve ever met. I first got to know him when he joined my Squad, which was about a year into his 29th Career. He was a great Squad member, and always came with a positive attitude and a great sense of discipline. When the squad was in a bit of a low point due to attendance and time of drill it was easy for everyone to complain and moan but Sgt. Steinbarth did no such thing. He kept a very stoic attitude that made him shine within the squad. He then moved to SLT where he succeeded and then moved on to asl and finally SL. He was a great SL within his squad and kept the men in line with his thick German accent.
I had the pleasure of meeting Sgt. Steinbarth in person and he was such a lovely person to spend time with and showed me how to relax and enjoy a holiday.
It has been a pleasure to share the leadership of Platoon with Sgt. Steinbarth and with 4 and a half years in the unit his experience will play a big role in teaching the Squads on how to lead!