Four Years and Six Months of Services (William S. Abruzzino)

Cpl. Formosa said:

There is much to be said about PFC Abruzzino. He is one of the many personalities that are a part of FP1S3. Most will know him from his “pancake” greeting, or him running towards an OBJ saying “Jesus loves me” while taking out said OBJ with a C4 or some other means. I have only known him for about half of his time in the 29th (roughly) and he is always a friendly “face” (voice mainly) that is eager to tell us where his pretty penny is thinking the enemy is located. I can’t think of anything else that comes to mind that is one of this gentleman’s quips that he regularly says, but it is a blast playing with you PFC and I can’t wait to celebrate your next milestone with you! “Thanks for the food.”