Four Years and Sixth Months of Service (Ramon Buuts)

Cpl. Hapers said:

T/5 Buuts is (becomng) one of the veterans in the unit. No drill or scenario surprises him anymore as he has quite literally seen it all. Ever since I joined EP1S2 I learned about T/5 Buuts, how he first was in leadership, them turned back to his good old trusty GL and afterwards wanted to become a Rifleman again as hed enjoy that more. Basically the reverse of ones usual career in the 29th, but hes an old man nowadays, we all go back to our childhood memories one day. Either way, T/5 Buuts, congratulations with your 9th AOCC


Congratulations on this achievement Buuts, it’s great having you in the squad. Maybe one day you’ll even get rid of the T on your chevrons… :wink:

woo! Congrats T/5 :boot:s, hope to see you for many more to come!

Congratulations T/5 Buuts. Keep it up. Good to see you around :slight_smile: