Four Years of Service (Alexei Duran)

2Lt. Griffin said:

Having been back and looked through our records and archives, so far as I can tell, Cpl. Duran appears to be one of DP1’s original RS2 enlistee’s, having not been a part of the 29th prior to our arrival in RS2, Duran has spent his entire period of service here with us in DP1, and undoubtedly is one of our most experienced hands, which he proves every time he steps in to the breach.
It’s no surprise then, that with all this time served, that he’s gone on to become one of our Stalwart SL’s, a steady, calm and confident leader, who leads by example and delivers. He’s now reached a considerable milestone in his 29th career, so please join me in congratulating him on the award of his second WWII Victory Medal and forth AOCC for 4 years of continuous service.

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