Four Years of Service (Bud Martin)

CW2 Meerts said:

They say the 2nd rainbow is the big one, which is fitting for someone with such a big spirit and heart. Cpl. Martin has been a blessing to his platoon and squad over the four years that we’ve been lucky enough to have him. He has shown nothing but energy and enthusiasm to any challenge he faced, anything requiring people to help out. He will be there with a smile on his face. These challenges have not been small either, as this man has an impressive career over editions of DBotS he has been present for, where he led his squad with the same gusto he brings to the unit to this day. Not to forget a set of skills on the battlefield, which have been honed through great experience as a leader. Frankly, there isn’t a part of the current DP1 that hasn’t been at least partly molded by this man, and we are all the better for it. I’m not just proud to have been able to lead Cpl. Martin, but I am blessed that I can call him a friend. I hope these four years are just the beginning, Cpl., congratulations on your 8th AOCC, and your 2nd WW1 Victory Medal!

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