Four Years of Service (Duje S. Zikov)

Cpl. Sklepek said:

PFC Zikov, the backbone of S3, is more than just a reliable machine gunner. He’s also the epitome of dedication not only for S3 but for DP1 as a whole. Chances are, you saw him guesting giving morale and fire support to his fellow soldiers. Be it with jokes or well placed advice during combat. He saw ups and downs of our squads and even his internet is not stopping him from all of that.
With that said, it’s my pleasure to award him his 8th AoCC as well his 2nd WW1 Victory Medal. Congratulations and hope to see more of these.

aocc_box ww1v

Congratulations Zikov! Let us see many more of these!

Congratulations PFC Zikov, can’t wait to see more of yugoslav Anti-air :joy: !

Very cool, congrats! Now, 4 more years of Zikov! :smiley: