Four Years of Service (Erwan Pirou)

Cpl. Duran said:

4 years ago was the first time I’ve met PFC Pirou, just two month after I joined the 29th, my first impression of him was as he’s a cheerful lad that knows what humor is and that never changed even till this day. He’s easy to get used to, like he always was there and helps the squad to be at peace with whatever situation comes at hand. As years passed PFC Pirou showed great effectiveness at using both CE & Pilot AIT’s, even more fearsome with the latter, as you can always count on him with getting a job well done in the sky. I want to note that he’s a solid member of S2 with unmatched reliability in making right decisions on the battlefield, no give or take on that.
And with all that said I’m pretty glad to announce that he will be getting his 8th AOCC & 2nd World War I Victory Medal in our squad, long more to get & congratulations!

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Congratulations PFC Pirou !

Congratulations PFC Pirou!