Four Years of Service (Furkan Akbulut)

Cpl. Jergulson said:

For most of his time in the 29th, Cpl. Akbulut was known and respected for his combat engineering skills and high proficiency with the HAT. He was not content with those challenges, so decided to supplement the specialization with the radio AIT in squad leadership. As ASL for EP4S3, Cpl. Akbulut has played an instrumental role in molding new recruits into experienced PFCs ready to face whatever drills might throw at them. On a more personal note, he truly is a joy to work with no matter the drill, debrief, or meeting format. Congratulations on these four years Cpl.! May there be many more.

a disciplined and respectful person, his strategies very effective, congratulation Cpl. Akbulut.

Tebrikler Onbaşım ! :slight_smile: