Four Years of Service (George Lungu)

PFC Mrzena said:

Clerks are the people that do hard work in the background to keep our unit running. PFC Lungu is our own busy bee, who has been managing CP2 for close to 6 months. Outside of his clerking he is S2s own machinegunner, and one that I can always trust to put down fire where I need it, and at the end of the day, he is his funny self, be it his jokes or the morse code microphone, that brings us all a good laugh. It would trully be a blow if he was gone, but he isn’t - he is standing here to receive his 8th AoCC and 2nd WW1VM. Congratulations PFC, here’s to many more.

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Congratulations PFC Lungu!

Congratulations on the 2nd rainbow, PFC!
To many more!