Four Years of Service (James R. McMeen)

Cpl. J. Murray said:

The time has come to recognize another one of Harambe’s one. PFC James “Jimbo” McMeen has been in DP3S4 since her inception and even today he stands as an Amazonian rosewood; strong and majestic constantly doing his part to continuously uphold our squad’s mighty canopy. He asks for no acclaim though he’s earned plenty in his own right with his machine gun. He asks for no applause though, through his dynamite teamwork with his brother, he’s garnered plenty. Most importantly, I know that barring an apocalypse, or the occasional family outing he will be here; an M60 in one hand and a sloppy Jimbo in the other, ready to make sure that not only he but his squadmates are squared away and having a great time. Slop, it’s a pleasure to know you. Here’s to hoping this rock keeps spinning so we can spend another 4 years together! Cheers brother, never forget!

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