Four Years of Service (Sasha Greeves)

Sgt. Zylath said:

T/5 Greeves has been with the 29th for just a little less than 1.5 times as long as I have, but his impact in that time has surely been more than twice as large. He’s an Ordnance Instructor, an accomplished CE, a respected NCO, a veteran of Dog Company and founding member of DP3S1, and even more, a friend. And speaking of being a CE, he recently earned himself the very first Combat Engineer Expert Badge in Dog Company. The honor was clearly his to earn, and he’s left his (explosive) marks all throughout Dog Company over the past four years. Greeves’ has no plans of stopping or slowing down; as DP3S1 approaches the DBotS finale, you can be sure he is spending hours upon hours memorizing setups for thumps and rifle nades. There is an excellency and unending vigor in Greeves’ 29th career that we should all aspire towards. I credit him with keeping me in the unit, inspiring me to get into leadership, and helping me to lead DP3S1 to new heights. I’m sure countless other members of the 29th have been similarly impacted by his contributions, and I’m sure many more are to come. Congratulations on four years, Greeves; you truly embody the double rainbow spirit.

Thank you for the kind words, Sgt.!

Here’s to at least four more, gotta get that Double-Double Rainbow! :yum:

Your spirit is second to none in the unit, T/5. Congratulations and welcome to the double rainbow club!