Four Years of Service (Stephan Spencer)

Sgt. Dott said:

PFC Spencer ought to be feared when equipped with his machine gun, his precision knows no rivals. He’s like a janitor and his mop, wiping the battlefield of-- no, wait…
He’s like a lumberjack, viciously using a chainsaw to cut dow-- wait, uhm…
He’s like a samurai. Yes… a samurai, with many years of training backed by a thousand years of tradition, all focused on the use of a katana… but-- the katana shoots bullets for some reason-- look, analogies are complicated. What isn’t complicated, however, is PFC Spencer’s dedication to this unit. Congratulations, PFC, on your 8th AOCC and 2nd WW1 Victory Medal!

Banzai charge with MG42!
Congratulations, PFC!

Thanks for your dedication to the unit Spencer! Glad to have you with us in CP1 - even if you end up killing my guys more often than not in Platoon :wink: