Four Years of Service (Thomas Kardell)

Sgt. J. Wright said:

T/4 Kardell, has been one of the most influential guys in my 29th Career. I first got to meet him through a goodbye ceremony in EP1S1 in which his old squad mates shoot him in the face. I thought to myself that he must have made a great impression and be dearly missed that they would do such a weird thing like that. I was only a Private at the time and didn’t know the destructive path of Soon to be 2Lt. Runing… So T/4 Kardell came to S2 where he was the ASL. The first time I talked to him was in a guest drill and I tried to impress him with my, well, jokes. He laughed out of politeness rather than reaction! (It was a funny joke). When the opportunity of SLT came up, I asked T/4 Kardell at the time how I may become one, he talked to me, helped me get mentally prepared for such rigorous training. He also encouraged me on the importance of guesting drills and being a great 29th member. I remember fondly the preparations he did with myself, T/5 Abramovich in Jensen’s range on didn’t tactics and helped improve T/5 Abramovich CE skills. T/4 Kardell has been someone who has a very kind nature, speaks softly and is very patient with the members of his squad. I really put that to the test as a very hyperactive ASL. I learnt a lot from T/4 Kardell and wouldn’t be in the position I am today if it wasn’t for his wisdom that makes him a great role model to anyone in the 29th. When he became Sgt. it was one of the highlights in my time here, it was so great to see someone who deserved such honour of becoming a Sgt. and I knew how hard he worked towards it. It’s a damn shame you are not in leadership but glad you are still in the 29th. Here is to four more years, my friend.


Such a privilege to be in your squad T/4 Kardell, congratulations on four years.

It’s my absolute pleasure to have T/4 Kardell around. He’s one of the few people who encouraged me to do SLT, welcomed me well in BCT and now unfortunately for him, he’s struggling in BCT because Sgt. J. Wright is no longer the DI. I can go on forever talking about T/4 Kardell, there are countless things to say. Congratulations on the milestone, T/4. I really hope to see you stay for many more to come!

T/4 Kardell is an absolute legend. I will never forget how fun it was to be a PFC under yours and T/5 Buuts’ command.
Hoorah T/4 Tommy Kardellios!

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Congrats, T/4 Kardell.