Honorable Discharge (Daniel A. Balzer)



This is to certify that

Daniel A. Balzer     First Sergeant     Charlie Company

was Honorably Discharged from the


on the 30th day of April 2021. This certificate is awarded

as a testimonial of Honest and Faithful Service


DATE: 30 April 2021


U.S. Army 29th Infantry Division, ATTN: AHRC-OP-S, 1 Reserve Way

Fort Belvoir, VA 22060

SUBJECT: Unqualified Resignation

1.I hereby tender my unqualified resignation as an Enlisted Soldier in the

United States Army under the provisions of Chapter 6, Section III,

AR 135-175.

2.I understand that if my resignation is accepted I am entitled to an

honorable separation and will be furnished an Honorable Discharge

Certificate. I understand that I cannot resign if I am a statutory obligor.

Daniel A. Balzer
Name (Type or Print)
First Sergeant Senior NCO Charlie Company
Rank Position Platoon/Squad
In my twelve plus years year I have seen the 29th through many ups and downs. I am very happy to see it on an up again. Time has come for me to step away for a while, and I feel I can step away with things going in the right direction. I have met many people that I have learned to count on and respect. Lt. Cols Wilson & Wheatley, MSgt. Conrad, Cpts Hill and Morra, 2Lt.s Mills, Bergstrom, and all others Wozniak Frank, Zim, Sung, Kloby, Brindle, Brotz, Erb, Dott and all the other old by gone guys I am forgetting. Charlie's current leadership is pushing forward and I am confident they have this under control. Ever forward 29th.
Reason for leaving
Commander Signature
30 April 2021

Thank you for your service, time and dedication First Sergeant.
Wish you all the best in your future endeavors!

FSgt! We are forever grateful for the years upon years of time and effort you have poured into us. Your level of expectation has driven us to be better people in and out of the 29th, and I am genuinely a more confident person because of it. Thank you, and you are ALWAYS welcome back in HQ.

Ever forward!

FSgt - I have learned so much from you over the past years. Your leadership and guidance will be missed. I’m sure our paths will cross in the future. Until then - Ever Forward!

Thank you for your service FSgt., Charlie won’t be the same without you!

Thank you for everything you put into this unit First Sergeant, I wish you the best!

You taught us a lot of things FSgt. I am very sad to see you go.
I hope you come back and visit us again sometimes.
Thank you for all the lessons and experience you bestow upon us.
Ever forward!

Hearing Charlie 7 will always bring you to mind.

Thank you, FSgt. It has been an honor to serve with you.


A sad day for the unit. Charlie Company will never be the same without you, Top. Ever Forward.

FSgt Balzer thank you for your service! I wish you the best in your future endeavors! May your path be clear and may you always stay strong no matter what! Godspeed!

Sad to see you go FSgt! Hope to see you here again some day!

Good luck with your future endeavours, FSgt.!

Good luck out There FSgt. You well surly be missed!

It’s been a ride FSgt, take care and keep in touch.

A true loss for the unit as a whole. I clearly remember being a private 10 years ago (where has time gone…) and having you lead our team in a pub scrim on lutremange in DH. It gave me an excellent introduction to how well organized and serious our unit is when organizing events and is probably one of the many reasons I stuck around all those years ago. I’m thankful for all you have done for the unit and really hope to see you return some time in the future! Until then I wish you all the best, FSgt!

Salute be safe and may you be blessed FSgt.