Honorable Discharge (Ivan D. Buravkov)




This is to certify that

Ivan D. Buravkov     PFC     DP3S4

was Honorably Discharged from the


on the 6TH day of October 2021. This certificate is awarded

as a testimonial of Honest and Faithful Service


ARPC-OPM-ODATE: 6TH October 2021


U.S. Army 29th Infantry Division, ATTN: AHRC-OP-S, 1 Reserve Way

Fort Belvoir, VA 22060

SUBJECT: Unqualified Resignation

1.I hereby tender my unqualified resignation as an Enlisted Soldier in the

United States Army under the provisions of Chapter 6, Section III,

AR 135-175.

2.I understand that if my resignation is accepted I am entitled to an

honorable separation and will be furnished an Honorable Discharge

Certificate. I understand that I cannot resign if I am a statutory obligor.

Ivan D. Buravkov
Ivan D. Buravkov
Name (Type or Print)
Private, First Class Rifleman Dog Company, Third Platoon, Fourth Squad
Rank Position Platoon/Squad

“It was a great 1,5 years adventure. Before I joined 29th I had been suffering from depression and a lack of friends. Playing with you guys helped me get rid of these problems. Here I met the nicest teammates and fought the worthiest opponents. Sadly, everything comes to an end with some time. I’m being conscripted in the Russian Armed Forces for 1 year and before that I need to take a break from everything, get my thoughts together and mentally prepare for that year (and maybe fix my sleeping schedule). Thank you everyone for keeping me company all this time. I’m sorry for my temper and toxicity in some places. I hope that someday I will have an opportunity to come back. Stay safe y’all. o7

Reason for leaving

Commander Signature
6TH October 2021

If you shoot irl as good as you do in-game you gonna do just fine

Good luck out there fellow TP buddy, try to come back once your year in the military is over

Well this is a shame, sorry to see you go PFC. Good Luck, Stay safe and hopefully catch you around, rejoin when you can!

Damn. DP3 and Dog Company as a whole has lost an extremely valuable asset. Moreover, I’m not saddened at the loss of such an excellent rifleman and light nearly as much as I am at the loss of a friend. Come back soon PFC Borgerkov, we’ll miss ya bud.

You have made me a very proud recruiter, thank you for the time you’ve put into the 29th. I hope to see you again man. o7!

Pусские есть? Thank you for being part of DP3 and brining such an exceptional character to the platoon. I will miss the late nights (early morning for you) when we’d drag Cpl. Meerts to play CSGO. Stay safe and До скорой встречи!

Hope you come back some day, my russian friend.

Good luck my friend.

Русские есть. Были и будут :)))

Sad to see you go! Really liked guesting that one drill in Dog Company. Come back ASAP.

Hey Buravkov, i’ve had the pleasure of knowing you for the past half a year. Although in 29th terms, that’s not exactly a long time, I enjoyed working with you as both an adversary and a teammate in drills. Good luck bud, hope to see you back in the future!

You’re one of the names that I heard the most playing with the 29th, and during Dbots your squad was a formidable foe. Your skill and personality will certainly be missed, hope to see you back one day!

The first name I was ever taught to fear in the 29th. Stay safe brother. See you again soon :call_me_hand:t3:

It was always fun to pub with you. I wish you the best!

I am saddened to see you go PFC Buravkov. Remember your friends here and come back when you finish your conscription. Good luck!

Stay safe! See you soon