Honorable Discharge (Nathaniel L. Agee)




This is to certify that

Nathaniel L. Agee     PFC     DP2S3

was Honorably Discharged from the


on the 10th day of April 2022. This certificate is awarded

as a testimonial of Honest and Faithful Service


ARPC-OPM-ODATE: 10th April 2022


U.S. Army 29th Infantry Division, ATTN: AHRC-OP-S, 1 Reserve Way

Fort Belvoir, VA 22060

SUBJECT: Unqualified Resignation

1.I hereby tender my unqualified resignation as an Enlisted Soldier in the

United States Army under the provisions of Chapter 6, Section III,

AR 135-175.

2.I understand that if my resignation is accepted I am entitled to an

honorable separation and will be furnished an Honorable Discharge

Certificate. I understand that I cannot resign if I am a statutory obligor.

Nathaniel L. Agee
Nathaniel L. Agee
Name (Type or Print)
PFC Combat Engineer Dog Company, Second Platoon, Third Squad
Rank Position Platoon/Squad

Time and schedule conflict.

Reason for leaving

Commander Signature
10th April 2022

Thanks for all your hard work, hope you come back soon!

I never got to say my soppy message on my official discharge so I’ll say it hear :’)

"It began with Cpl. Winston. I got some random ass friend request from him while I was just being myself and playing Stormworks (great game, get it). I got a message asking me if I would be interested in joining, and everyone knows I’m the guy to say yes to practically anything so I took it. I went to BCT, graduated, and my first kill was PFC Hames in a company drill on Operation Forrest supremacy version in the rice patties on the east side of the map north of Golf. Thanks Hames, now you will always be remembered as my first kill. The wonderful PFC Kaczynski and I were trained together in BCT and then together we would fight in the same squad for what seems to be too short of a time. we played Among Us together while it was still good and he would always help boost my attitude in drills. I was lucky to have the guy. I was also lucky to stay assigned to the same squad for my entire deployment, and you really do notice the habits that develop. PFC White always late because he was asleep, PFC Chang and T/5 Simpson being the two to go do their own thing in the trees, PFC Mertens always having the funniest jokes while throwing bodies 15 feet into the air with his rockets, PFC McCarta making sure everyone knew that Thomas Running invented running, Cpl. Jordan somehow always being such a meme to me, T/4 Nguyen being the new guy to take over but then quickly growing on every single individual with his sexy af accent, Cpl. Scienski who seemed like he was like Mertens but more of a dad, PFC Lopez who was quiet when he needed to be and broke the silence when he needed to, and PFC Esposito being my brother in arms. My flamethrower twin. The guy that makes me tear up knowing that I am leaving him. The guy that is a carbon copy of me from being just a month older than me to being an absolute band nerd too. Because of this, you are now tasked with making the yearly squad shirt buddy. That is the one thing that separates DP2S3 from everyone else, and allows us to continue being a unit even when we are gone. There is one person though that deserves not just a shout out, but a thank you. Cpl. Hauger. Cpl. Hauger was not only a squad leader to me, but an inspiration. He indirectly helped me become a better leader in what I do in my own life such as work or band. He was hands down the best thing that ever happened to me in the 29th and continued to be all the way up until the amish raided his home in West Virginia almost exactly a year ago. I’ll never forget him, nor the rest of my squad and I’m starting to have tears roll down my cheek at this point in the message…

But there is a whole lot more. T/5 Abramovich gets a thank you as well. He was the one that gave me my GCM and I will always be grateful for that. In fact, I thank all of my seniors for my staff jobs (Cpl. Winston, Cpl. Fossi, T/5 Abramovich, and T/4 Burg) for having patience for me when things weren’t going so hot and for always having my back knowing I’d get the job done.

If you didn’t cry while reading this, you either aren’t in DP2S3 or you didn’t cry when Spiderman died in Infinity War

Ever Forward!
PFC Agee"

Thanks for all you have done here Agee. Hope to see you back soon my friend.

Though not being in the same squad as you until recently, I can tell you’ve grown with the unit over the years and so many people here have impacted you which I can relate to very very much. You are a great part of S3 and even when you’re discharged, I’m sure you will remain so, and in the S3’s Hall of Fame. Wish you the best in life, and come back soon!

I will miss you Agee. if you ever need anything my DM’s are open. We will always welcome you back. Come back soon.

Gonna miss ya Agee, come back soon ya hear?

Will definitely seize the opportunity if it presents itself mate


Gonna miss you Agee, you are a hard worker and a great guy to work with, big loss for the unit. Thanks for your hard work and your efforts! Till next time! :slight_smile: Ill keep a spot