Honorable Discharge (Szymon P. Papievsky)




This is to certify that

Szymon P. Papievsky    Private, First Class     DP1S3

was Honorably Discharged from the


on the 1st day of February 2023. This certificate is awarded

as a testimonial of Honest and Faithful Service


ARPC-OPM-ODATE: 1st February 2023


U.S. Army 29th Infantry Division, ATTN: AHRC-OP-S, 1 Reserve Way

Fort Belvoir, VA 22060

SUBJECT: Unqualified Resignation

1.I hereby tender my unqualified resignation as an Enlisted Soldier in the

United States Army under the provisions of Chapter 6, Section III,

AR 135-175.

2.I understand that if my resignation is accepted I am entitled to an

honorable separation and will be furnished an Honorable Discharge

Certificate. I understand that I cannot resign if I am a statutory obligor.

Szymon P. Papievsky
Szymon P. Papievsky
Name (Type or Print)
Private, First Class Rifleman Dog Company, First Platoon, Third Squad
Rank Position Platoon/Squad

Good afternoon 29th. I hope this isn’t the last time you hear from me. I joined 29th almost at the beginning of the Covid outbreak when I was in the 2nd grade Highschool. I was still a kid back then and wanted to spend my time at home in some way that I won’t get bored which back then happened a lot. Unfortunately after 2 years of being here it’s time for me to leave my favorite people (DP1S3 you guys know who I’m talking about) and 29th overall. I’m not such a kid anymore and I’m moving up in the world and that’s what I want to do. In order to do that I need to make space for more studying and work. Sometimes loving something means letting it go. I’d like to thank all the members of DP1, specially my squad mates who’s always been kind and polite to me.

Fossi, don’t die at drills that much(kidding) and thanks for always helping me out.
Vali Please have more desire for this game, I know it’s bad but still.
Bukowy keep grinding, I see a potential there.
Enarah, you should get a permit for those almonds (I hope you understand).
Muni do more simplified plans for drill, simple is good.
Sklepek keep squad leading because you’re good at it. I hope that next time I see you, you’ll be a Cpl.
Stirling we don’t know each other well but you’re doing really good.
Zikov, just M1919 and Monkeys.
Schmid Try working on your schedule and you’ll be fine.
I hope one day I get back to you while you guys are still here. You guys were the best and I’ll miss you forever

Reason for leaving

Commander Signature
1st February 2023

Those two years went by so fast. Good luck for your finals and I hope to see you back soon!

It was good playing with you Papievsky, hope to see you back!