Nine Years and Six Months of Service (Lucas W. Pinto)

Sgt Dott said:

Surprisingly, I don’t think many people realize how long T/5 Pinto has been around here in the 29th. It could be his youthful demeanor and cheery attitude, or maybe it’s his winning personality. No, no, it must be his handsome good looks. How else could anybody overlook his lengthy contribution to the 29th? T/5 Pinto has held more jobs and been in more squads then half of this platoon combined. And, I’m sure, that if he didn’t like us so much here in CP1 that he would have made it his mission to be a part of every damn platoon in this whole organization. Congratulations, T/5 Pinto, on your 19th AOCC, and let’s hope you don’t get tired of us any time soon.


Congrats, T/5!
And thank you for bringing in @CodeFox to us. :laughing:

Congratulations T/5 Pinto!

Congratulations T/5 Pinto!

Nice going T/5 Pinto!!!