Nine Years of Service (Lucas W. Pinto)

PFC Montgomery said:

T/5 Pinto is one of the best shooters in CP1, nay, one of the best shooters in all of Charlie. You may think this is a bold statement, and you’d be right. But the evidence is clear as day in his service record. In his 9 years of service, he has accumulated multiple sharpshooter badges and 2 superior unit citations. Recently, he was an integral member of our CP1 Titans team and was crucial in securing the NA victory for the unit. Congratulations T/5 on your 18th AOCC, and many more to come!


Congrats T/5 ! What a history! good to see you stick around.,

It’s been a great run T/5!
thank you for your dedication and time!

Congrats Pinto!

My favourite Zelda cosplayer making a comeback!

Solid, T5!

Congratulations, T/5.
It’s always fun with you in the unit. Looking forward for more!