One Year and Six Months of Service (Adam S. Capwell)

Sgt. Zylath said:

If you weren’t aware, Capwell is actually a Time Lord. Every six months, he goes backwards in time and sets up an alternate reality in which we all believe he has been here for a year longer than he actually has. In this most recent time loop, Capwell has been very busy setting himself up for a big, important future. You see, he has recently taken up the mantle of DP3S1 ASL, a very prestigious role previously occupied by the equally prestigious T/5 Wallison. He’s already been working quite hard. He led DP3S1 in its final AA round during its last DBotS match for a resounding victory. His strategy, his leadership, his victory. And he’s been working hard to finish SLT. Did I mention he started SLT? This guy just doesn’t quit. He’s gonna rewrite the entirety of 2022 soon if we don’t stop him! Regardless of his own callous disregard for the existing space-time continuum, Capwell is a very pleasant fellow to work with. He’s showing himself to be an excellent ASL and continuing to be a fantastic member of DP3S1. Now don’t let me catch myself writing your rainbow quote in 3 months. You wait your turn like the rest of us mortal-coil-bound-souls! Congratulations.