One Year and Six Months of Service (Alex A. Buchino)

Cpl. Jordan said:

PFC Buchino has been with us for a bit now, but he has been in Dog longer than that. He started his tenure with DP1, but has been with S3 for a long while. Buchino is a heavily dependable SMG, and can take out multiple targets on his lonesome. Additionally, Buchino is one of the core members of the squad who joins relatively early and enjoys hanging out with his squadmates, sharing the laughs! I’m very happy to have him with us in S3. Here’s to one year and six months and your third AOCC, Buchino, and here’s to the two year special!

Congrats Buchino!

Congrats PFC Buchino! Not to far off from your first and many rainbows in the unit!

Thanks guys! Doesnt seem like that long!