One Year and Six Months of Service (Alexander J. Bradford)

Sgt. Tilley said:

PFC Bradford PFC Bradford has served in DP2S2 for longer than almost any of the other squad members, bar myself, Cpl. Sablon, and T/5 Chandonnet. Still, this makes him an “old dog” in our eyes. Any squad leader knows that having experienced PFCs holds a squad together like glue, and although he might not get the individual attention that we give the newer members, it’s because PFC Bradford is good at what he does. He has now served faithfully with us for a year and six months, making him eligible to receive his 3rd Army of Occupation Medal. Congratulations, PFC Bradford, keep up the great work!

Congratulations Bradford my boy!

Time really flies, congratulations Bradford, looking forward to that rainbow!