One Year and Six Months of Service (Alrikr K. Rose)

Sgt. J. Lee said:

Whether the context be drills, general TS socializing, or party games, PFC Rose is a blast to have around. No one can describe the self-sacrificial aspects of a Light as deadpan as he does. In many ways, PFC Rose is the ideal PFC. He maintains excellent attendance. When issues arise, he does not hesitate to contact and inform his leadership. He has genuine interest in honing his gameplay abilities, as seen in his dedication to his AITs and his persistent guesting. Most importantly, he is present on TS and regularly interacts with others outside of drill hours. The 29th would not be the strong community it is without the consistency and investment from members like PFC Rose. Congratulations on being in the unit for a year and a half. Only six more months to earn your first rainbow!

Congrats PFC Rose!