One Year and Six Months of Service (Christopher M. Cowles)

Cpl. J. Lee said:

PFC Cowles remains a force that the squad frequently counts on. DP2S1’s often forgotten flyboy, PFC Cowles now skillfully wields close-quarters weaponry and leaps into combat. Aggressive positioning often placing him at the front, he shrewdly identifies enemy contacts and positions. An extremely involved and aware player, PFC Cowles can always be heard calling out to nearby teammates. Outside of drills, he has also been excelling in his staff positions. Whether as a punctual and seemingly omnipresent Senior Enlistment Clerk, as a consistent Camera Crew, or as a passionate squad member, PFC Cowles is one that can be relied upon. Congratulations on your third AOCC, PFC Cowles! I look forward to your continued performance in the 29th!


Nice job mate, see you in another six months!

Few can match your dedication Cowles, and the squad wouldn’t be the same without you, even if we still can’t get your name right. Congratulations Cowles!

Congratulations Cowles, your reputation precedes you.

Congratulations Cowles, many more to come !

Good man Cowles, congratulatiosn!