One Year and Six Months of Service (Eddie Lance)

Cpl. Gunn said:

Ever since he was brought on to the squad, Cpl. Lance has been a real help for me and for the squad. Cpl. Lance has been a rock, constantly keeping up with the squad’s needs and doing his job to the finest of his ability. His reliability has saved me already a couple of weeks, and as such, I am glad to have such a capable ASL. Cpl. Lance not only assists me, but he is able to crack some jokes and keep the squad’s needs taken care of at the same time. All of this is impressive, but it is made even more significant when you consider that it has been done within his first year and six months of service. As such, Congrats Cpl. Lance on your third AoCC! I am very excited to see what you can complete with even more time.