One Year and Six Months of Service (George Bork)

Cpl. Winston said:

In the squad, several individuals are known for having their own unique personalities, and PFC Bork is one of them, where he always maintains a constant positive disposition towards everyone around him, which serves as an excellent source of morale improvement for his fellow squadmates. Furthermore, PFC Bork has demonstrated his willingness to improve throughout his tenure in the squad and especially during his time as an MG, where he has effectively made himself into the base of fire that the squad can always depend on during drills. Also, PFC Bork has applied this same enthusiasm for gameplay improvement to squad participation where he has proven to be more than willing to dedicate his time both during and after drills. Overall, PFC Bork is a very important member of the squad in both a morale and gameplay sense. So congrats PFC Bork on one year and six months of service, and hopefully even more!

Congrats Bork!

Congrats on the award Bork, only 6 more months till that first rainbow.