One Year and Six Months of Service (Karol Wolk)

Cpl. Duran said:

PFC Wolk now with DP1S2 for a year and a half, which feels like I need to add another year to the counter, as from the start till this day he never let his efficient conduct to drop down, which only grew in quality over quantity as that helps him to remain in a position of irreplaceable squad member. So far his affinity with rifles of different kinds and ability to safely fly above the enemy lines as a crewman. As Wolk keeps being on unmistakably good terms with members of our squad it helps him & other squad members to get job done in a more skillful way as a team. Considering all what was said, squad leadership and platoon HQ are awarding him his 3rd AoCC award. Congratulations PFC, let it be not the last step into the future alongside with 29th!

Congratulations PFC Wolk!