One Year and Six Months of Service (Martin Kopáč)

Cpl. Martin said:

PFC Kopáč has demonstrated nothing but hard work and determination. From his abilities as a rifleman in the early months, to his incredible track record as a CE. This guy has provided so much for not only S1 but the 29th Infantry Division as a whole. Just this year he became a Drill instructor and on top of that apart of SLT. He has given many hours to training new recruits, has come up with some innovative drill plans, come up with excellent strategies and expressed incredible enthusiasm. He has really stepped up to the plate in recent weeks often taking squad drills and planning while leadership was incapacitated for a few days. He is a great member of S1 who fits in so well, he is faithful to his tasks and able to take criticism where needed. Something that has more than helped in his training of recruits in BCT making him an excellent Drill Instructor. Watching him grow in just a short span of time has been amazing. His abilities as a CE too have surpassed all expectations, where he is able to hit targets with an accuracy that is at times scary. In the last DBotS 2021 he proved being crucially able to adapt his abilities and improve them now to the point I call him walking artillery. In the last DBotS match he was able to pull off something like a creeping barrage that totally took the defenders off guard. This is due to his immense knowledge of the game and his ability as a CE. With so much achieved in such a short time I am excited to see where he ends ups next! Therefore, I am proud to award him his 3rd AoCC. Congratulations PFC Kopáč keep up the fire support, the dedication and the enthusiasm!

Congratulations PFC Kopáč, very cool!

Congratulations PFC Kopáč!