One Year and Six Months of Service (Max O. Officer)

Cpl. McArdle said:

Cpl. Officer has been right by my side and for the squad for some time now. He continues to serve as a great example to new slt candidates as well as new assistant squad leaders in how to fit into that role. I’m glad to have Cpl. Officer as my asl because I don’t know where I or the squad would be without his input and skill. He was one of the reasons why the squad was so successful in the scrim and how our ces were well trained for it. It shouldn’t be ignored that even while being in leadership Cpl. Officer is still a great ce. Hell, he even got a bronze star for using it during an ebots round. All of this has been done in the time span of just under two years. Congratulations Cpl. Officer on getting your third AoCC! I’ll write you another quote when you get that rainbow.