One Year and Six Months of Service (Michael J. Davis)

Cpl. Moran said:

PFC Davis started his tenure here in the 29th by joining EP3S2 shortly after myself. He knew where his heart was, and immediately selected to be a big-metal-box-boy when the opportunity was given to him. The PFC began to excel at his position, becoming such a powerful asset to everyone lucky enough to be on his side of the battle. Davis has began to rack up kill after kill then check after check with his role, fulfilling all his sharpshooter checks in just over a year. It takes a certain level of skill and determination to become a great crewman, and Davis has done just that. Although he has been with us here for a relatively short time, he has time and time again wow’ed me with his knowledge of a vehicle, someone I can depend on for help with vehicles. PFC Davis, look what you’re done in a year and a half! I know you’ll be even higher the next time I get the pleasure to write one of these for you. Congratulations again on bearing with me for a year and a half!