One Year and Six Months of Service (Patrick K. Regan)

Cpl. Knight said:

Cpl. Regan had been a part of FP1S1 for a long time. He was there when the squad entered a very dark time. He was also there when me and Cpl. Stephen on ELOA and after the departure of Cpl. Stephen, Cpl. Regan became FP1S1 ASL and has been doing a great job with the position. He is the kind of ASL that every SL want to have in their squad. Cpl. Regan is always there to help the squad even when I could not show up for drill. He’s also a great rifleman and CE on the battle field. Cpl. Regan is a huge part of teaching and shaping FP1S1 into what we are right now. Congratulation on your 3rd AOCC Cpl., keep up the good work and I’m proud to serve with you in the 29th, hooah!

It’s amazing having you here Cpl. Regan. Congratulations on your AOCC and we’ll hope to see you for many more to come!

ok guy