One Year and Six Months of Service (Rob R. Moran)

Cpl. Maestas said:

Cpl. Moran is one of those members that is an all around appreciable personality and leader to have around, he has always been eager to be on top of his game moment after moment I can’t find something bad to say about him. I have felt as the squad leader of FP2S2 that I have been given one of the most discerning ASLs I have seen. Throughout the time being the leadership of FP2S2 I would say it isn’t obviously just me who runs this show alone he has always been there to support the squad’s decision making and my own while on top of that giving some great leadership advice to the squad. As time will never stop I hope he will never stop being a great leader for the squad and someday running his own, That being said we shall celebrate his one year and six months! We all hope to see you here for your two years and that rainbow!


Congratulations Cpl. Moran!

What a lad! Congrats!