One Year and Six Months of Service (Robert L. Frank)

Sgt. Zylath said:

Have you ever sprinted home from a gas station so you could make drills on time, forest fires raging in the background and smoke filling your lungs as you pound the pavement towards your PC? I’m not sure Frank has done all of that in combination, but probably most of it once and again, and for that all others should feel inferior! PFC Frank is an iconic man, someone who makes himself known when he damn pleases to be known. He pops off on of his own accord and nobody else’s, and you’d best fear him for it! Monologuing aside, Frank really is a good cookie. He’s got the most determination of anyone I’ve ever met to attend as many drills as possible, regardless of the circumstances. And he’s also nearly at his rainbow! No rainbow today friendo, but keep it up and there is one in your future! Take a third AOCC as a consolation prize.

Sounds like a dedicated man like the history of Franks in the 29th. Congratulations PFC!