One Year and Six Months of Service (Rudi R. Van Wyk)

Sgt. Falenty said:

PFC Van Wyk is one of the first people that come to mind when you think of S2. As its grenadier, he’s known for his quite precise HEs landing within meters of you. This PFC is a helpful asset to have, as he will help you with any single thing you can ask of him. He’s a quick learner too, give him a few tips and a quick guideline to medical, and he’ll be saving people from the brink of death left and right. Van Wyk is truly a great person to have around, and I’m sure Lighthouse staff would say the same. A full year and a half of this kind of service is nothing to sneeze at, after all. PFC Van Wyk, congratulations on receiving your 3rd Army of Occupation Medal.


Congratulations PFC!
Onto the rainbow now!

EZ clap, onto many more, PFC Van Wyk!

Good stuff! Let’s double that number then!