One Year and Six Months of Service (Sam J. Dixson)

Sgt. Hanley said:

PFC Dixson is one of the most important members of his squad, and an all-around amazing member of the 29th. PFC Dixson’s commitment to himself, and others, is evident through his persistent battlefield performance, dedication to the squad, platoon, company, and unit, and amazing conduct outside the game. PFC Dixson has a fantastic personality that contributes to squad morale, and an up-beat positive attitude that is infectious for the rest of the squad. As a core component of his squad, a more-than-deadly submachine gunner, and one of the biggest sources of positive energy, PFC Dixson is an integral and irreplaceable part of the 29th ID. Congratulations on your 3rd AOCC Dixson, and everyone is excited to see what brilliant things you will continue to contribute in the future.


Quite a milestone! Congratulations PFC!