One Year and Six Months of Service (Will A. Sablon)

Cpl. Tilley said:

Corporal Sablon, in only a year and six months of service, has stood out as one of the best members of squad leadership I’ve seen in Dog Company (luckily, he’s my ASL!). He can always be trusted to be on top of any task given to him, completing it eagerly, and with a true “follow me!” attitude. He’s excellent in battle not only as an individual player, but also as a tactical leader, and can lead a small team to victory against even platoon sized forces! It is truly remarkable how much of a name Cpl. Sablon has already made for himself in the unit before even getting his World War I Victory Medal, but in another six months he will join the rainbow club, and I’m sure he will accomplish even more before then. Congratulations, Corporal Sablon on your 3rd Army of Occupation Medal.


Congrats Corporal!

Congrats Sablon, you’ve come a long way in just a year and six months!