One Year and Six Months of Service (William R. Burchett)

Sgt. Leliveld said:

PFC Burchett has become a great member of the unit and it dearly missed upon the rare occasion he doesn’t bless the squad with his presence. He started out as a bit more reserved but has become more comfortable cracking a couple jokes and having fun with the squad which has been a wonderful thing to see. Recently he has also been getting more comfortable with his AIT as well and I can remember a couple moment were his 40mm grenades took the show. He’s one of the members which always keeps his cool and is part of the backbone of EP2S3. If the going ever gets tough during a round Burchett is never one to back down from the challenge. Here is to your third AoCC PFC Burchett, congratulations on all your achievements and the many more to come!

Congrats PFC Burchett.

Congratulations, PFC Burchett.