One Year and Six Months of Service (William Sabith)

Sgt. Leliveld said:

PFC Sabith has been my ASL for the last couple months, but he is no strange face to either myself or EP2S3. A longtime ago he was EP2S3s trusty machine gunner who was going into SLT, until he was tragically taken from us he would lay down the heat. Recently he’s been doing a great job in his new ASL position and has adapted to the role and the new faces very quickly. He has a wealth of ideas and truly wants the squad to be in the best spot it can be. It’s great to have someone who’s as enthusiastic and skilled as him. Today we congratulate him on his 3rd AoCC, Congrats PFC Sabith! Please don’t leave us again.


Congrats on 1yr 6mo and a productive return.

Great to see you back, PFC. Congratulations.