One Year and Sixth Months of Service (Rosen D. Dimitrov)

PFC Aboalfa said:

Cpl. Dimitrov … Cpl. Dimi … Cpl. Dimster … Cpl. Bigdim69420, unlike Sgt J. Wright I did not meet him in BCT. but I was soon in a squad with him. EP1S1. he showed interest in leading since day one and now he is the SL of EP1S3 recently. but not just a squad leader. but also a good copper pipe thief. why you may ask? that’s because he has to get some money’s to buy a 3080. His brother bought a 3080 3x, you would think one for him too, but no… he is one of the few guests with a in his house; at least his brother. how doesn’t get a single penny.

Congratulations, Cpl. Dimitrov! For many more!(Copper pipes, those things sell high!)