One Year of Service (Adam S. Capwell)

Cpl. Wallison said:

Oh PFC Capwell, a man after my own heart. A guy with his eyes in the sky. Capwell took the Crewman role for DP3S1 after I left to become ASL of our squad. In the wake of teaching him what I could to be the best crewman he could be, Capwell ran with it and became far better than I. Not only this, but a top notch marksman who can sway almost any battle by himself. If he were to be on a flank, he would be in a perfect spot to demolish the enemy. If he were in the sky, I’d have all the confidence in him to lay down hell without mercy. I’m so proud of the progress Capwell has made in such a short time. Almost just as glad that I am not at the business end of any weapon he’s in control of. All DP3S1 thanks you for your stylish flying Capwell, I’ll be seeing you in the skies. Congratulations on your 2nd AOCC.